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Chapter 1.2 – Matchmaking Alternative Prior to the interview at the company, Nuo Nuo made full preparations.Her more experienced father warned her that in an interview to show determination of “I want to work in your company eight or ten years,” because company or Personnel Managers will not like a prospective hire who shows instability, since it not only guarantees the stability of the team it also gives company outsiders the illusion that the company is “very stable, benefits are good, employees are unwilling to leave.” Also it takes away from over-emphasizing on additional learning because learning means learning a skill you might run away with.

Struggling for a long time, she tries to squeeze out a smile that looks even worse than a cry, “Xiao Zong, good morning.” Standing opposite her, Xiao Yi wore a silver-grey suit, white shirt, lining his outstanding aura.Xiao Yi randomly threw a few more questions thereafter and Nuo Nuo cautiously replied.Half an hour down the blind date, it had turned into a sweat-dripping-live interview.When her mother was giving false dating information, she already said no, the it resulted in, “People now are dangerous, they want your identity to get money, these days more people expects the mother-in-law to buy the house. After having said that, the Big Boss personal profile is also false, maybe because he also afraid people might fancy his money. Mindful of this, Nuo Nuo rose slightly and glanced at Big Boss. She was surprised and immediately lowered her head, heart pounding wildly. Just as she was immersed in her own little world, Xiao Yi utter a sentence that extinguish her little thoughts. it says your hobby is reading, but your company resume doesn’t.. His is a precision instrument, just one glance at the profiles and he can compare the company and blind date information and find the faults.After getting married you go cry.” and so her no was completely rejected. you won’t get distracted reading fiction novels at the company, right? Xiao Zong, you really are worthy of the name Great Big Boss.

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