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Run “yum list updates”

Because of the way that YUM leverages package repositories to handle finding packages and finding their dependencies, this also allows us to use it to update packages that are already installed.

See here for a list of other PHP 5.6 modules that are available.

If you encounter a problem and need to reset back to the default, you can use these commands: For Cent OS 6, PHP 5.3.3 is the latest version of PHP available through the official Cent OS package repository. See this question for more information: "Why are outdated packages installed by yum on Cent OS? " If you'd like to use a more recent version of PHP, Les RPM de Remi offers Cent OS PHP packages via a repository that you can add to the yum package manager.

Since YUM can view a list of all packages under its management and check the repositories (or repos) to see if any of those packages have been updated, it allows us to update both individual packages as well as the entire set of packages. Using YUM's update capacity is as simple as telling it to update a package, multiple packages or tell it nothing and it will update all packages installed on the system currently.

As with the install options, the -y flag will cause YUM to run automatically and leaving off this flag will cause it to stop and wait for confirmation before making any changes.

Search for yum updating:

yum updating-1

This post assumed that you have already installed Cent OS 5.8 and planned to upgrade to Cent OS 5.9.

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