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, 2) Examine school-, teacher-, and student-level barriers to high-fidelity implementation and correlates of low fidelity to the intervention protocol, 3) Determine sustainability and impact of experience on implementation by assessing changes over the course of the study in fidelity, feasibility, acceptability, satisfaction, and engagement, and 4) Evaluate effects of initial implementation fidelity and change over time on students' changes in attitudes, knowledge, skills, intentions, and behavior related to teen dating violence.For more information on the Fourth R Evaluation The NIH funded school-based cluster randomized trial of the 7th-grade version of Fourth R includes 24 ethnically diverse middle schools (ie, clusters: 12 intervention schools, 12 control schools) in area schools to determine the impact of the program by comparing students in intervention schools with those in control schools.The dates of the internal nodes were estimated using node.dating and are included in the plot.

Contact:[email protected] information: Phylogenetic trees represent the evolutionary relationships among populations or species through their common ancestors.

We retrieved heterochronous intra-host patient-derived sequences from Patient 16617 on the LANL HIV database ( accessed June 24, 2015).

This patient’s sequence data was collected in Llewellyn et al. We reconstructed the sequences’ phylogenetic tree using the method described in the Genetic distance from the root versus time of the sequences from Patient 16617 from the LANL HIV database.

A simple linear regression is used to estimate the rate of evolution assuming a strict molecular clock.

To estimate the dates of the internal nodes, we follow an approach described by Felsenstein (1981) and motivated by (Rambaut, 2000).

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Here we present the program node.dating, divergence-time analysis software, which uses a maximum-likelihood method to estimate the dates of the internal nodes of a phylogenetic tree.

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