Wife is dating other men

Do you feel uncomfortable with your wife talking to ALL men or just this particular person? At the same time you should not be trying to control her she also should not be telling you how you are supposed to feel. Well I know she is talking to an old mutual friend who is already married and she has said they don't talk that often but she say's she knows how I get.I would say this, if you have questioned/interrogated your wife about her conversations and she has not given you a reason to doubt her, I would not bring it up again because you have said that she is sick of hearing it. A partner that blows of your emotions as "Irrational" or "stupid" is not helping. I dont think it's her talking to men in general it's that when I have to find out that she has made other guy friends and I don't know who they are.But anyways should I make my feeling's known that it makes me uncomfortable with her talking to this particular person?We've talked about it and she's sick of hearing the same thing because she's told me straight up there's nothing going on.We had an issue before which we caught early (sending photo's) which I caught early and I believe I had let that issue go. I wouldn't attach a mental story or mental drama with it. Only you know how much you've tried to meet the needs she's expressed in or out of therapy.She say's me alway's asking about her and the guys she's talking to pushes her away and that it's old that I keep bringing it up. Our therapist said that making new guy friends or emailing etc right now is not a good idea. Real love is never about controling the other partner.. However I would take issue if she tries to infer that your feelings are ridiculous or silly. If you've given what you can and she's still not happy, maybe it really *is* her issue and she should be doing some individual counseling, too.

I think the more I bring it up and talk about it the more she gets mad because she say's that she's never done anything other than talking. I think she knows that if I really wanted to pry that I can find out anyway's so I think she isn't hiding anything from me. We still don't know if the OP is talking about one particular man or every man. A partner that blows of your emotions as "Irrational" or "stupid" is not helping. So the protential is there you know it and she doesn't.

It's just she knows my feelings yet she keeps doing it.

She has gotten better though when I ask her if she's still talking to them she said not too often, but like our cell phones had been down and I had to check the records for billing and I noticed that she was still texting the coworker.

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Well I'm sure that I might get mixed feedback on this one but it's nice to see what others have to say.

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