Wife dating cuckhold

If you make her, then you are killing your relationship.

Now, you can say that it won’t happen very often, so it’s no big deal, but again, I know men too well for that to fly.

What it means is that it should only go so far, and be so often.

I am not quite sure whether or not nobody else in the world of the open minded is willing to say this because it is against the feminist agenda, or because it is so obvious to the truly kinky that we take it for granted that others should know this. There are too many guys out there who think we women are all drooling for girly guys we can step on while every other aspect of the relationships remains “normal”. Though there is nothing morally wrong with pegging (a woman penetrating a man with a dildo or other phallic object), fisting, or F/m bondage and the like, the who matters just as much as the what.

There are some things that once seen, cannot be unseen, and once done, cannot be undone.

Avoidance of sex with you when she is most fertile (and most horny) means that it may at least be on her mind.

So if it’s really okay with her, then if you do go there, then be prepared to either shag her silly afterwards, on the same day or as soon as possible.

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