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Her top was pulled down so that they could see her bosoms, and they were masturbating, right in front of her.She was trying to tell them in her most commanding, authoritative voice to untie her, but they wouldn't listen.Wondering if he was imagining her naked breast popping out of her blouse.She even began to have dreams of being with Jason, when suddenly her blouse fell open, her breasts becoming exposed.It suddenly exploded and she felt her face become awash with huge splats of cum. Most of the time she was indeed in control, and only rarely would she give in. It didn't help that Bridget was dating such a healthy, young man. She had been gardening, braless, which she often did, as their back yard was really quite private and it felt so much more comfortable under the hot, muggy sun.

A particularly small but hard one was having some success squeezing past her lips. Johnson began to find one excuse after another: headaches, tired, not feeling well, just not quite the right time, maybe next time, and so forth. It seemed like such an obvious failure to resist temptation. The next day she would always regret her excess drinking, her eating, whatever the indiscretion, and she didn't have to wait that long to regret a masturbation. It was obviously something she probably should feel shameful about.

In any case, please be assured, all of the characters are above the age of 18. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The relationship between Jason and Bridget blossomed after their Saturday afternoon study session (see "Jason and the Johnsons").

The relationship had already been developing well, but they had crossed a rather important line on that Saturday afternoon. Bridget made it clear that she was not ready for that.

But, the theme of this particular sequel is different from the original, per most of the requests I received (i.e., requests to have Mrs. Please note that the characters and their relationship history are provided in the original story.

Reading this sequel without the original story may not be so meaningful.

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The fact that they had to do it in secret, outside of the awareness of their parents, particularly Bridget's, seemed to only add a sweet spice to their oral feasts. If Bridget's parents discovered that they had actually gone this far, that they had seen and touched each other's personal private parts, that Jason had placed his lips on their precious daughter's cunnie, and that, even more horrifying, that she had placed her lips on his naked, hard penis; well, they would indeed be horrified. This was something that good girls just didn't do, and never would do. Johnson wouldn't do it for a woman, he certainly wouldn't then demean this woman in the same manner by requiring that she perform such an act on him. She had come close a couple of times to putting her lips on her husband's penis, but only when he was asleep (see "Jason and the Johnsons").

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