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After graduating with a first-class degree in botany from Reading University, she joined the Natural History Museum and, like Darwin, has become an expert on the Galapagos Islands, specialising in the unique Galapagos tomato.

She jokes: 'I think there is a family resemblance, though I don't think he necessarily looked like me.' Skandar Keynes, 17.

He would not have been disappointed by his own legacy - but he might have been a little surprised...Others linked to his family included the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams and the novelist E. They include a novelist, a screenwriter, an expert in exotic tomatoes and a church deacon with views very close to the creationist beliefs that the world was created in six days - which Darwin refuted.Distant relations include politicians Tony Benn and his Cabinet minister son, Hilary.Three years earlier, in 1859, Darwin had published On The Origin Of Species, his revolutionary treatise on evolution, and he knew the importance of passing on strong genes.Thankfully, his family were living proof of his theory of the 'survival of the fittest' and they overcame repeated bouts of scarlet fever.

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  1. See half a minute of video of the Doukhobor cheese factory in the village of Gorelovka, Georgia, at minute 9: While visiting nearly Spiritual Christian congregations around the world, differences between the often confused faiths became clear.