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It’s fantastic there; I wake up in the morning, kite surf, play tennis, swim, then work hard.It’s the perfect balance – I think you have to find a balance otherwise your body falls apart and you won’t be able to carry on working hard.’ An avid believer of Happy Body, Happy Mind, Richard credits his physically active lifestyle with keeping him mentally agile.

He says: ‘Perhaps my craziest idea was believing that by having one secondhand Boeing 747 I could take on British Airways with their 300 planes!He’s still very much at the forefront of all his companies and, despite being in Washington the day before and due in Barbados the day after, he still managed to fire the starting gun at the first Festival of Sport in Hackney earlier this year.And, true to his word, it was indeed a family affair, as Richard’s own children Holly and Sam were there, along with his four grandchildren. ‘We at Virgin are on a mission to get people moving, to break down barriers to participation and encourage everyone to get active.I can sleep well at night knowing the recent awful passenger incidents on other airlines would never, ever happen on a Virgin flight, because the team is imbued to genuinely care about other people.’ [In April, Kentucky doctor David Dao was forcibly dragged off a United Airlines flight after he refused to give up his seat to employees of a partner airline after United overbooked the flight.That’s not to say it’s been plain sailing all the way.

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