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However, De Von and Meagan make it very clear within the first chapter that celibacy doesn’t condemn sex.

It simply asks to take sex out of the equation for a moment to reach a new solution of a better life.

And so I turned the first page and made some major discoveries about what it truly means to practice the Wait.

This is not a “sex bashing book” or a “sex shaming” process Many who’ve been skeptical about celibacy have painted a bleak picture of what it’s like to go through a process that asks us to go against the very essence of who we are: sexual beings.

When we spoke in a candid conversation for Playboy Radio last April, she shared with me her year-long period of celibacy.

But in reality, these connections were empty and one-sided, often leaving me used up and turned out looking for the next high. In the process of looking for ways to support my time of healing and transition, I turned to another Hollywood couple blazing the media circuit.

The duo has been filling churches and lecture halls to the brim with eager listeners ready to hear how practicing what they’ve coined “the Wait” led them into each other’s arms, and ultimately into greater success within their professional lives.

Their story has been met with much skepticism, as cynics have questioned the ability for a couple to abstain from sexual activity during a time when the world is so sexually charged.

But I met their story with optimism, hoping to gain a fresh perspective on what celibacy is all about.

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