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When asked about the decision, Denise previously told the Independent: "Our ancestors are all Dutch and we worked out that our family name would have been Van Outen back in the day, so I put it back in.

Gauthier was an electrician working on renovating Lee and Anderson’s Malibu mansion who felt wronged by the rock star after he and a handful of other workers were abruptly fired from the project." data-reactid="81"Much like the wild start to Pamela and Tommy’s marriage, the story of how the tape ended up online is equally crazy.

After initially being annoyed, the actress agreed to go have a drink with him.recalled in the Mötley Crüe autobiography He proposed at a disco days later.

Tommy continued, “I took off my pinky ring, put it on her finger and asked her to marry me.

It was the first of the “celebrity sex tape” era and set the standard for how involved stars would get on the business side of things once the video went viral.

As we close out Yahoo Celebrity’s “Hollywood Scandals” week, we would be remiss not to revisit one of the biggest entertainment stories of its time.

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and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

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  1. The disk was the center of an exhibition entitled Der geschmiedete Himmel (German "The smithied sky"), showing 1,600 Bronze Age artifacts, including the Trundholm sun chariot, shown at Halle from 15 October 2004 to , from 1 July to 22 October 2005 in Copenhagen, from 9 November 2005 to 5 February 2006 in Vienna, from 10 March to 16 July 2006 in Mannheim, and from 29 September 2006 to 25 February 2007 in Basel.