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Finally, he moved to New York and started John Gidding Design, Inc.

The path to one’s dream career isn’t always straightforward.

There will be some trends but these things are much more slow moving than indoor design.” Having worked on such large projects as Union Square in New York, the campus plan for Carnegie Mellon University, and a pavilion for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Gidding favors his transition to working with homeowners.

“There’s a lot of need for fresh covers since the romance novel industry is pumping out books every couple months.There are often loops and turns and if a line was drawn along the career path, it would more often resemble a scribbled mess than a straight line.John Gidding, of HGTV fame, followed a similarly scrambled career trajectory.“Working with HGTV, a tried and true network, they know exactly what they want. “Although maybe just under the surface it really is competitive,” he jokes before explaining that the other show hosts really like each other, “partying it up” whenever they get together.It’s based in Nashville so there isn’t the New York/L. But the biggest difference, Gidding says, is designing for outdoor spaces instead of indoor.

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