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GSP uses the oligo melting temperature formula given in Rychlik, Spencer and Rhoads, Nucleic Acids Research, vol 18, num 12, pp 6409-6412 and Breslauer, Frank, Bloeker and Marky, Proc. If Opt is supplied and the Penalty Weights for Product Size are non-0 GSP will attempt to pick an amplicon with melting temperature close to Opt.

GSP calculates product melting temperature using equation (iii) from Rychlik, Spencer and Rhoads, Nucleic Acids Research pg. The maximum allowable local alignment score when testing a single primer for (local) self-complementarity and the maximum allowable local alignment score when testing for complementarity between left and right primers.

It is nonsensical to provide a larger value for this parameter than for the Maximum (local) Complementarity parameter because the score of a local alignment will always be at least as great as the score of a global alignment.

The maximum allowable length of a mononucleotide repeat, for example AAAAAA.

For next generation sequencing, a popular sequencing error is a homopolymer error.

To avoid this error, the max poly-X should be restricted a small number, e.g., 2 or 3.

The main components of the GSP analysis results are shown: MSA result of homeologous sequences, distribution graph of primers and products, detail of primers information and a panel named primer pairs pool which contains the selected primer pairs (Fig. Minimum, Optimum, and Maximum lengths (in bases) of the PCR product. Rychlik recommends a maximum value of 9 (Wojciech Rychlik, "Selection of Primers for Polymerase Chain Reaction" in BA White, Ed., "Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol.

Development of genome-specific primers for important genes in polyploid species is very useful and critical not only for the study of sequence diversity and association mapping of genes in natural populations, but also for the development of gene-based functional markers for marker-assisted breeding.

GSP is a powerful web-based platform for designing genome-specific primers that can distinguish the sequences among different genomes in a polypoid species.

The 3'-anchored global alignment score is taken to predict the likelihood of PCR-priming primer-dimers, for example The scoring system is as for the Max Complementarity argument.

In the examples above the scores are 7.00 and 6.00 respectively.

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