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He co-released the artist's internet-album "Plutonium Glow" from his company Handprint Entertainment.He is also the producer of "The Boy Next Door"(2015), executive producer of Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again (2014-2015), The Fosters (2012-2016), World Of Dance (2016-2017), Shades Of Blue (2015-2017) and much more.Days later, Medina allegedly sent Dottley — who was married at the time — a text after seeing him on the street, saying: "I was emasculated, I was humiliated, and at that time, no one was coming forward and I was afraid if I went to the police or the press that Benny Medina was powerful enough to ruin both my career and my ex-husband's," Dottley said."I also had stepchildren at the time and their safety came into question as well. All of the tactics used by power predators worked on me because the end result was extreme fear of retaliation if I came forward in any way.Medina begins his career as the lead vocalist of the group "Apollo," and debuted their self-titled "Motown" in 1970.He co-wrote three of the seven tracks for the album which include "Astro Disco," a popular track from the album.Benny is not married yet and was rumored to be gay from his unusual activity during the set of "Fresh Prince" with Will Smith.However, it was not true, and the producer openly denied the gossip.

In addition, he also managed singer-songwriter Vanessa Daou(1996-1998).He was responsible for building and cultivating the career of the Company's urban artists for music division in Warner Bros Records.After working with Warner Bros Records, he formed Medina/ Pollack Entertainment along with his friend Jeff Pollack.He was mentored by Gordy as he was the founder of Motown record label and other subsidiaries.Medina also worked with Mo Ostin, American Record Executive of Warner Bros Records.

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