What makes people intimidating

The problem is that intimidation never gets the best out of people.

In fact, this approach is the antithesis of effective leadership and detrimental to any hope of achieving success.

And the problem is that fear stimulated by workplace intimidation robs its victim employees of their ability to perform at peak levels.

For this reason, intimidation used as a tool of management is counterproductive and destructive.

Intimidation cowers the employee in a way that limits their ability to act independently, resulting in wasted time, talent and creative opportunity.

This type of manager uses intimidation as a defense mechanism and protective moat intended to prevent workers from breaching their wall of insecurity.Those who suffer from the application of workplace intimidation become overly fearful of offering their ideas or sharing their concern. ) They are wary of taking the initiative and, accordingly, their doubts become self-fulfilling.Even worse, those who succumb to intimidation become little more than frustrated drones, mindlessly carrying out a sort of genetic blueprint drawn by the intimidating figure from on high.It Comes From Everywhere Intimidation comes at us from many quarters – parents, teachers, schoolmates and even churches – but the workplace is where we are most likely to be fed a steady diet of The Big I.The typical business environment is an out-and-out incubator for intimidation.

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