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The project is expected to help deter online identity theft, as facial recognition technology is used to verify applicants before their virtual ID cards get authorised.

Those verified will be able to use their We Chat ID to register in hotels and apply for government services without the need of bringing their physical ID cards.’ No wonder Mr Zuckerburg’s 50 state swing as he positions Silicon Valley’s ruling elite for the 2020 elections.

They want to clear cut areas of national forest under the guise of otherwise needed fire prevention.

They want to strip-top the mountains and fill in the valleys. They want to lower drinking water standards and air quality standards, and have.

They want to turn Alaskan rivers that all freshwater spawning salmon use into mining tails.Stickers, even gold ones, are no substitute for this.• December 30, 2017 AM @oh really It's not really about who you support, but about which program you vote for.They've taken promises made to poor desperate people around the world and stomped on them. Think of the children and ask your lawmakers to mandate these safety-chips and to prevent anyone from being able to buy or sell without them (who besides terrorists wouldn't want to show their patriotism by getting these chips anyway? Since most people take better care of the right hand and forehead than the left hand, everyone should be required to get one in the right hand or forehead.There should be an unforgettable holographic tattoo over the implant to allow peacekeepers to readily distinguish terrorists from patriots, at a glance.

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