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I picture some tattooed agent in a smokey room working multiple phones at once trolling for clients.The We Chat prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh City are all decent looking in my experience.I’ve made a lot of Asian friends and they have a different way of looking at things.When they travel they find out what the local scene is like and go from there. You don’t see too many cheongsters complaining about Ho Chi Minh City over on Singapore Sammy or Sex 141.

There are also thousands of prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh City.A lot of Asian guys aren’t socialized for that kind of behavior.I aim for the best of both worlds but long ago I came to the conclusion that the Asian dudes are on to something when they forget about the gaming and dating.They just buy a piece of ass when they need it then get back on with their lives. They go to places like fishbowls where they can find a hot chick, do her right there, then be on their way.They don’t need drama, especially with a price tag attached. I have seen white dudes at the fishbowls and I have seen Japanese dudes paying old worn out hookers just to keep them company. I am not a huge fan of using We Chat to find women in Ho Chi Minh City, but I have been known to do it from time to time. Even though I had already busted a nut, I was still horny.

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