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Every Chinese national in mainland China has to apply for a Resident Identity Card upon reaching the age of 16.

This national ID card is an official document for personal identification issued by the Public Security Bureau.

As with most pilot projects, the acceptance for virtual ID cards remains limited at the start.

According to a staffer working at the government service centre in Nansha, the We Chat ID currently only works at some government service departments located within the service centre.

The current ID card is the second-generation version that features an embedded chip and digital encryption.

The card contains personal information including the individual’s full name in Chinese characters, gender, ethnicity, date of birth, domicile, identification number, and a colour photo.

This type of ID is aimed at more casual use and won’t be accepted as proof of identity in commercial transactions with government departments, such as registering a company. Applicants need to have an official Chinese ID card issued by the government to apply for the digital version.

We are in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen and about to spend a day there without a cent in hard cash.Next, applicants must bring their physical ID cards in person to complete authentication at a Weijing Authentication terminal machine.There are dozens of self-service authentication machines scattered throughout Guangzhou city, mostly in government-designated administrative service centres open to residents.The world’s most populous country is taking the first step in Nansha district in Guangzhou, by introducing a virtual version of the national identification card with the full acceptance and validity as the physical card.What are national ID cards and what are they used for?

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