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Charlevoix (Canada) Airport Charlo Airport Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Chateauneuf-Sur-Cher Airport Chateau-Thierry/Belleau Airport Chateauroux-Centre Airport Chateauroux-Villers Airport Chatelair Airport Chatham-Kent Airport Chatham Municipal Airport Chavenay Villepreux Airport Cheb Airport Chehalis Centralia Airport Chevery Airport Cheyenne Airport Chibougamau/Chapais Airport Chicago Executive Airport Chicoutimi-Saint Honore Airport Chile Chico Airport Chillan-O’Higgins Airport Chipman Airport New Chitose Airport Chiusdino Airport Chotebor Airport Chrcynno Airport Churchill Airport Churchill Falls Airport Cianorte Airport Clark’s Point Airport Clermont County Airport Clinton-Bleibler Airport Clyde River Airport Coburg-Brandensteinsebene Airport Coburg-Steinrucken Airport Cochrane Airport Coeur d’Alene Airport Coffs Harbour Airport Cold Bay Airport Coldfoot Airport Collina Airport Collingwood Airport Colmar-Houssen Airport Cologne-Bonn Airport Colorado Springs Airport Columbia Airport Columbia Gorge Airport Columbus Metropolitan Airport Colville Airport Colville Lake Airport Compiegne-Margny Airport Compton Abbas (UK) Conington Airport Copenhagen Kastrup Airport Cornwall Airport Corvo Airport Cosne-sur-Loire Airport Costa del Sol Airport Cotswold Airport Cottbus-Neuhausen Airport Courchevel Airport Courtelary Airport Courtenay Airport Coventry Airport Coyhaique Airport Cremona – Migliaro Airport Creston Airport Creswell/Hobby Field Airport Crete Municipal Airport Creve Coeur Airport Crooked Creek Airport Crowland Airport Cumbernauld Airport Curacavi Airport Currituck County Airport Curtatone Airport Cut Bank Airport Czestochowa-Rudniki Airport D Da Nang International Airport Dachau-Grobenried Airport Dahlemer Binz Airport Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Damme Airport Danbury Municipal Airport Dankern-Haren Airport Dannevirke Airport Dansville Airport Dare County Airport Daun Senheld Airport Dauphin Airport Davenport Airport Dawson Creek Airport Daytona Beach Airport De Kalb County Airport Deanland Airport Dease Lake Airport Debert Airport Deer Park Airport Deerfield Valley Airport Del Sole Airport Den Helder Airport Denver International Airport Desierto de Atacama Airport Detmold Airport Detroit Metropolitan Airport Dettingen Airport Digby Airport Dillingham Airport Dinan-Trelivan Airport Dinkelsbuhl Airport Dittingen Airport Divinopolis Airport Dobersberg Airport Dolmar-Kuhndorf Airport Dolna Banya Airport Dona Ana County Airport Donaueschingen-Vilingen Airport Donauworth Airport Donzdorf-Messelburg Airport Dortmund, Germany Drachten Airport Draughon Miller Airport Dresden Airport Driggs-Reed Airport Drumheller Airport Drury Airport Dryden Airport Dubrovnik Airport Dunakeszi Airport Dunaujvaros Airport Dundee Airport Dunkerque-Les Moeres Airport Dunkeswell Airport Dusseldorf, Germany Dvur-Kralove Airport E Eagle County Airport Eagle River Union Airport Earlton Airport Easter Island Mataveri Airport Eastern Oregon Airport Easterton Airport Easton Airport Ebern-Sendelbach Airport Eddsfield Airport Edenton-Northeast Airport Edmonton International Airport Edmonton-Villeneuve Airport Edson Airport Eferding Airport Eggenfelden Airport Egletons Airport Eindhoven Airport Eisenach-Kindel Airport Eisenhuttenstadt Airport El Loa Airport El Tepual Airport Elim Airport Elliot Lake Airport Elsenthal-Grafenau Airport Elstree Airport Elverum-Starmoen Airport Elz Airport Emden Airport Empuriabrava Airport Enemonzo Airport Enkoping-Langtora Airport Enniskillen Airport Enstone Airport Envie Airport Ephrata Airport Epinal-Dogneville Airport Erbach Airport Erfurt-Sommerda Airport Erie International Airport Erie Municipal Airport Erkelenz-Kuckhoven Airport Eskilstuna-Ekeby Airport Esperance Airport Essen-Mulheim Airport Essweiler Airport Etampes-Mondesir Airport Euro Airport Basel Airport Evansville Regional Airport Ezpeleta Airport F Fairchild Airport Fairoaks Airport Fall City Airport False Pass Airport Farkashegy Airport 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Airport Highland-Winet Airport Hildesheim Airport Hilversum Airport Hinckley Airport Hiroshima Airport Hirzenhain Airport Hobart – Cambridge Airport Hockenheim Airport Hodkovice Airport Hoedspruit-Burgerlike Airport Hoexter-Holzminden Airport Hof-Plauen Airport Hofkirchen Airport Hoganas Airport Hohenims-Dornbirn Airport Holic Airport Holleberg Airport Hollister Municipal Airport Hollym Airport Holy Cross Airport Honefoss Airport Hong Kong International Airport Honolulu Airport Hood/Masterton Airport Hoogeveen Airport Hoonah Airport Hope Airport Hoppstadten-Weiersbach Airport Hornberg Airport Hosin Airport Houghton County Airport Houston Intercontinental Airport Hoya Airport Hradec Kralove Airport Hranice Airport Hulben Airport Hunsborn Airport Huron (S.Dakota) Airport Husbands Bosworth Airport Huttenbusch Airport Hyvinkaa Airport I Ibiza Airport Igiugig Airport Igualada-Odena Airport Iliamna Airport Illertissen Airport Immenstadt Hospital Helipad Imsweiler-Donnersberg Airport Innsbruck Airport International Space Station Inukjuak Airport Invermere Airport Inverness Airport, Scotland Iowa City Airport (Iowa) Iquique Airport Iserlohn-Summern Airport Isle Airport Isle Of Wight-Sandown Airport Issoire-Le Broc Airport Istanbul Ataturk Airport Ithaca-Tompkins Airport Itxassou Airport J Jackson-Evers International Airport Jackson Hole Airport Jacksonville Airport Jade-Weser Airport Jaromer Airport Jasna Airport Jasper-Hinton Airport Jefferson County Airport Jelenia Gora Airport Jelsa Airport Jena-Schongleina Airport Jersey Airport Jezow Sudecki Airport Jicin Airport Jihlava Airport Jindrichuv Hradec Airport Johnson’s Creek Airport Johnstone Point Airport Joigny Airport Joinville Airport Jonzac-Neulles Airport Juist Airport Julio Gallardo Airport Jundiai Airport Juneau Harbor Airport K Kagiswil Airport Kagoshima Airport Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport Kalispell Airport Kalocsa Airport Kalskag Airport Kaltag Airport Kalundborg Airport Kamen-Heeren Airport Kamenz Airport Kamloops Airport Kaniow Airport Kansas City International Airport Kapfenberg Airport Kardla Airport Karlovy Vary Airport Karlshofen Airport Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport Karlstadt Saupurzel Airport Kassel-Calden Airport Kavik Strip Airport Kearney Regional Airport Kehl-Sundheim Airport Kelowna Airport Kempten-Durach Airport Kenmore Air Harbor Water Airport Kerken Airport Kerteminde Airport Ketchikan Airport Ketrzyn-Wilamovo Airport Key Lake Airport Key West Airport Kiel Airport Kiev Boryspil Airport Kikity Airport Kincardine Airport King Cove Airport King George Airport King Salmon Airport Kipnuk Airport Kirkwall Airport, Scotland Kirn Airport Kiskunlachaza Airport Kissimmee Gateway Airport Kjeller Airport Kladno Airport Klagenfurt Airport Klatovy Airport Klawock Airport Kneeland Airport Koblenz-Winningen Airport Kochi Airport Kodiak Airport Kodiak-Lilly Lake Airport Kolin Airport Komatsu Airport Kongsted Airport Konigsdorf Airport Konstanz Airport Konz-Konen Airport Kopaida Airport Koping Airport Kotlik Airport Kotzebue Airport Krefeld-Egelsberg Airport Krems-Langenlois Airport Kristianstad Airport Krizanov Airport Krnov Airport Kromeriz Airport Kruger Airport, S.It is also the location for the narrowest house in the world which is only 1 meter wide.The camera randomly moves up and down the canal focusing on various focal points in the area. It links Damrak and Rokin street which run along the original course of the Amstel River, from Central Station to Muntplein (Mint Square), and the Munttoren (Mint Tower).

Please ensure you have read GÉANT’s Privacy Notice and Cookies Policy.Built in the middle ages around the city Singel as a means of protection, today the Singel Canal is the main attraction for visitors to Singel, Amsterdam.Boats floating along the canal contain market stalls containing goods ranging from local fruits and vegetables to local works of art. Cam View: Cam 1: NE at Runway 06 Arrivals / 24 Departures, plus 36R/18L arrivals & departures in distance. Occasionally turned to SW to show Runway 06 Arrivals. (NOTE: Primarily a road traffic cam, Airport movements may not always be visible). Please wait for the cam to load – sometimes up to 30 seconds during busy periods. Cam View: Various, including NE at taxiway over A4 road (for runway 36C or 36L deps.), and SE at finals onto 06. (NOTE: Primarily a road traffic cam, Airport movements may not always be visible).

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