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After this, Jeff "bounced" around a lot between Colby Co and Denver-Carrington, working several times at both companies.

In 1985, Jeff got 50 % of Jason Colby's company, Colby Enterprises, and moved to California to work there.

In episode 51, Alexis sends Jeff away on a vacation.

Realizing that Jeff will "recover" when he's not breathing toxic fumes every day, Adam confesses to Alexis.

However, Krystle suffers a miscarriage in episode 22.

In the following episode Fallon learns that she is now pregnant.

In episode 30, Fallon and Alexis are in a car crash.He got close to both Monica and Bliss, but had quite a few fights with Miles over the years.Returning to Denver after two years in LA, he still controlled Colby Enterprises, but also worked for Blake again.• Board Member of Denver Carrington (1983-1984; owned 47% of the common stock) (1985; owned 15% of the common stock) (then 1988-?; owns unknown %) • Board Member of Colby Enterprises (1985; owns 50% of the company's majority common stock) • Head of Colbyco's public relations department (1981) • Executive of Denver Carrington (1981-1982) • Co-owner of Colbyco (1982-1983; owned 50% of the company's common stock) • Campaign Manager for Blake Carrington's governatorial campaign (1987-1988) Good old Jeff was hard not to love or like.

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