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I’ve learned to use my leg braces pretty well and walk with a swing through gait.

That means I put both forearm crutches out in front of me and swing both legs through the middle.

Getting around in my leg braces on crutches is slow and I’ve fallen many times.

My wheelchair is safer and faster but I cannot stand up to reach things without the leg braces.

So I mostly use both wheelchair and leg braces together.

Sometimes my skirts barely cover the thigh straps on the tops of my braces.I have all kinds of shoes from athletic shoes to sandals for the summer.My favorites though are the high heels I wear at work. My right leg is also a little shorter than my left one, another part of my disability.But that day I was just in my wheelchair wearing a little skirt just above my knees.The blouse was a little on the tight side with pantyhose and my two inch platform style heels.

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About a year ago I started wearing long leg braces and using crutches to maneuver around the building.

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