Validating identity unable to find a certificate

To avoid potential problems, do not run NTP on Id M servers installed on virtual machines.

For more information on the reliability of an NTP server on a virtual machine, see this Knowledgebase solution.

The System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) is a client-side application for caching credentials.

Using SSSD on client machines is recommended because it simplifies the required client configuration.

Id M clients are machines configured to operate within the Id M domain.

They interact with the Id M servers to access domain resources.

Running an NTP server on an Id M server installed on a virtual machine can lead to inaccurate time synchronization in some environments.For example, they belong to the Kerberos domains configured on the servers, receive certificates and tickets issued by the servers, and use other centralized services for authentication and authorization.An Id M client does not require dedicated client software to interact as a part of the domain.They also host the services used by domain members.Id M provides a set of management tools to manage all the Id M-associated services centrally: the Id M web UI and command-line utilities.

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