Updating xp sp3

You can choose one option or the other; unless you have some specific reason to do otherwise, it is almost always the best bet to go ahead and get the latest updates for installation (as recommended by the setup wizard).

[NOTES FROM THE FIELD] – For obvious reasons, if you’re not connected to the internet you’d want to choose not to get the updates at the time of install.

Microsoft has historically released more than a single beta version and / or a release candidate or two before going to manufacturing with their products so there may additional opportunities to upgrade current systems with other Windows 7 betas between now and the actual release to manufacturing (RTM) of the operating system.As a point of reference, the Windows Vista upgrade options from prior installations of Windows XP and Windows 2000 are shown on the Microsoft website on the Get Windows Vista: Upgrade options page and it shows you which installations allow an in-place upgrade and on which ones you’ll need to perform a clean install.[NOTES FROM THE FIELD] – If there was some desire or need, you are able to upgrade Windows 2000 Professional to Windows XP and then from there you could upgrade to Vista (and from there I suppose you could go to Windows 7 if you really wanted to).These multiple steps from OS to OS would allow for an in-place upgrade each time and it would save all of your installed applications and settings (provided they run and are supported on the newer operating systems through each of the successive jumps) but from a support standpoint of the system itself it is not recommended.From a Windows XP standpoint when it comes to attempting an in-place upgrade, the setup routine will halt because it is not a supported upgrade path.

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