Updating wii system menu the dating element

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(default "jpg") -img_workers N Use N worker threads to process images. -lang string The order to choose for language if there is more than one for a value.

(en, fr, es, de, pt) (default "en") -mame If true we want to run in MAME mode.

sselph's scraper releases Please refer to Sselphs Scraper Advanced Configuration when using this method.

Make sure to update to the latest version of Retropie-Setup script if you're missing any options mentioned below!

&#x A;&#x A; Mario's back, and this time he's better than ever!Scraping is a way to get metadata and boxart for your games from the internet. If the scraper isn't working either you are not connected to the Internet or is down (which happens quite frequently) and in that case you'll just have to wait until it comes back up.Steven Selph's scraper is the simplest and best way of scraping roms (provided that the systems are supported.) It can be installed and used from the setup menu using the following steps: It may take some time for the xml files to build.It can be accessed from the start menu in Emulation Station.If you are having issues with your metadata changes not being saved, you need to select Quit Emulation Station from the quit menu rather than shutdown or restart system. Note that this issue was fixed with Retro Pie 3.4 If you have your own images, you can create XML's with Sselph's scraper: As a template in my snes folder I had my rom name: Mario's off on his biggest adventure ever, and this time he's brought along a friend.

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