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Motherboard Standoffs - The standoffs is the first thing I installed when I opened the case and the motherboard.It is a must and the setup was done correctly according to the motherboard form factor.I've used the CD method to modernize computers with BIOSs from 20. The problem is, the laptop isn't booting from the usb drive no matter what. I tried the USB flash drive on another laptop, and it worked smoothly! It appears that I have to change the Boot Mode to "CSM" or "Legacy" instead of "UEFI" CSM or Legacy selection are for booting Windows 7, I think, and the UEFI selection is for Windows 8. Then I checked Motherboard Manual - I've read through the board's user manual at least 3 times.I've re-read the important information concerning the parts that might be faulty at least 5 times.One thing to do is to visit the OEM's tech support web site and see if there's a more recent BIOS for that model of laptop. PLo P comes up right after POST but before BIOS (I'm pretty sure) and presents the choice of booting from any device the computer can "see" (i.e. From there you are taken directly to the grub menu for whatever device you've chosen.If it has a working floppy diskette drive, then you can probably flash the BIOS from a booted DOS floppy (read the instructions on the web site! If it truly has no ability, even after updating, to boot from USB device, then you are stuck with floppy boot diskettes, unless you can come up with a fix for the optical drive. You can install it on a CD or a floppy (the whole file is only 320k B!

~ My friend bought a new setup through different online websites and of different brands. I go by ASUS, Corsair, Cooler Master, Gygabyte, and MSI most of the time.

I didn't want to bother with that, so I reset the BIOS (because of an unknown password) to allow USB booting. It's an old 2002 computer (or at least that's what the BIOS resets to). I keep finding ways to do it with floppy drives, but this is a netbook...

So how would I be able to re-install a Linux distribution (probably Ubuntu)? Is there a program to do it (I've heard of a Windows one)?

For every time I plug a flash drive in for booting, I'll just have to enter the BIOS; I'm fine with that. You can install it on a CD or a floppy (the whole file is only 320k B!

) very easily, or if you're skilled you can install it on the hard drive to make the USB bootability permanent. I'm following my own link and grabbing that right now!

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