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The whole cabinet received multiple coats of grey primer and glossy black latex paint as well as some classy brushed nickel hardware to top it off. As far lessons learned, the old standby “take your time” really reared its ugly head on this one, we got impatient to get it completed and that caused some naggling little problems such as brush marks, inconsistent reveals between the doors and door frame and slightly off kilter knobs.Thankfully, those things are really only noticed by us, and all in, we are really proud of our final results.

The other thing we’ll do different with our other cabinets is leave a smaller shoulder on the bead molding, just an aesthetic preference.

The bathroom updating started pretty innocently, in fact it started with cleaning the tile floor.

The cleaning went wrong when some grout got scrubbed out of the tile joints and then things snow balled from there.

Since the handy hubby and I are always tackling projects in our own home on the cheap I figured it was finally time to start sharing some of them for others to draw some knowledge and inspiration from.

Besides, I figured, even if we never have any blog followers at least we’ll have a chronicle of our home before and afters for our own sake.

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I’m not going to go into all the details, I’ll let Jens explain that complicated part in his own post some day for those of you who are into the hard-core woodworking stuff. I then got the fun job of sanding the assembled doors and priming/painting them (See step 3). Besides picking out the correct hinges for an inset door, there’s not much to explain here.

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