Updating mepis

The following procedures prompt you when it is necessary to plan for or upgrade a MEP.

Even the smallest one was only able to get as far as displaying an inch wide blue band across the top of the screen after running the gray and white set-up display.

If you get an fsck suggesting an alternate superblock, STOP & research the correct one for the size & original parameters of your filesystem. Display chip error: Intel 800/900 graphic chip works only with this distribution!!?? Quickly saw a message about a problem with IPW 3945?? I went back to try to reboot with 6.0 and after several tries I was finally able to install the software again.

OK, The 7.0 arrived yesterday and had several problems, being usable on my system: 1. When ask about saving the home directory, I checked the box, but when it was finished the home directory was gone along with a year's worth of work!!!!

Please, if you answer this thread, understand that I don't really understand very much about how all of this works yet, however, I am willing and able to read, research and apply things if I'm pointed in the right direction.

I will get my old Windows system out of storage and see if I can get it to connect to the internet so I can actually look at the responses without having to leave the house. maillo Well, I doubt that your entire hard disk drive has bit the dust!

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Sometimes it's best to go to the forum of the OS you are trying to use, as some problems can be pretty much OS specific.

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