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Recently I face an strange issue while using Maven in Eclipse via M2Eclipse plugin.I have created a Maven Java project in Eclipse and subsequently tried to add Spring framework as dependency, to my surprise, nothing was happening.

Creating an index is a responsibility of a person who maintains the repository.He has focused the past years on Javascript interoperability via Rhino and recently Nashorn.He is a member of the Net Beans Dream Team and works at his own company Joseki Bold SRL ( ).Dependency-check-maven is very simple to utilize and can be used as a stand-alone plug-in or as part of the site plug-in. It is important to understand that the first time this task is executed it may take 20 minutes or more as it downloads and processes the data from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) hosted by NIST: https://gov After the first batch download, as long as the plug-in is executed at least once every seven days the update will only take a few seconds. However, everyone using Maven in Net Beans IDE generally wastes gigabytes of precious SSD space plus a lot of bandwidth. On my work machine the mavenindex/central caches take up 1.3GB!

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