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Prerequisites: ANTH 102 and 103 or Permission of instructor. Paleoethnobotany (3); Variable The question of subsistence is central to every archaeological inquiry.

The specialized field of paleoethnobotany allows us to infer dietary habits from charred plant remains recovered during archaeological excavations.

Accordingly, the course is broken into four general areas: geology, technology, analysis, and interpretation. Archaeology of the Southwest (3); 2, 2 Var Study of prehistoric cultures, before 1500, of the greater Southwest and Northern New Mexico. Jewelry and Metalsmithing 4 (3); 2, 4 A continuation of ART 461. This course is intended for majors anticipating a BFA or BA in art studio. The course emphasizes those aspects of biology that are of immediate importance to the non-scientist.

Prerequisite: One introductory course in sociology or anthropology. Field Methods In Archaeology (2-6 VC); Su Instruction in archaeology field and laboratory techniques and methods. Jewelry and Metalsmithing 3 (3); 2, 4 A continuation of ART 361. Required of biology majors who are not yet eligible for ENGL 111 or have an ACT Math score of 16 . General Biology 2 (4); 3, 2 Fa, Sp Provides a general survey of the fundamental concepts of cell biology, including structure and function of small and large molecules, cellular membranes and organelles, an introduction of the biochemical pathways, enzyme function, chromosomes, cell cycle, and cell division.

Prerequisite: ANTH 410 or Permission of instructor. Development and Sociocultural Change (3); Var This course concerns the nature and consequences of development and culture change. Development of a personal aesthetic in sculpture course intended for majors anticipating the BFA or BA degree. Recommended co-requisite: CHEM 211 or permission of instructor. Mendelian genetics, cell communication and signaling, and molecular biology techniques and applications. Genetics (4); 3, 2 Sp Fundamental concepts of genetics.

The focus is on contemporary issues and the many ways in which anthropology is used outside its purely academic context: how anthropology is applied to contemporary human issues, how it benefits society, and how it advances theoretical knowledge. Anthropology Goes to the Movies (3); Var The course features ethnographic films that explore cross-cultural themes about identities (race-ethnicity, nationality, political organization, religion, gender, class, sexuality, and so on) primarily through film and secondarily through ethnographic texts. The laboratory exercises follow the lecture topics and are designed to encourage students to ask questions, to pose hypotheses, and to make predictions before they initiate laboratory work. The course will cover Mendelian genetics, population genetics and the fundamentals of DNA replication, transcription, translation, and regulation.

Prerequisites: ACCT 287 and BUS 200, or permission of instructor. Independent Study (1-4 VC); Var Independent study arranged with an instructor. Prerequisites: ACCT 288 or permission of instructor. Intermediate Accounting 2 (3); Fa, Sp A continuation of ACCT 387.We wish to learn from which materials these tools were made, the techniques that were employed, and how they came to be discarded to become part of the archaeological record. The student will make slides and prepare a portfolio and an artist’s statement. Faculty will provide some guidance in the projects required, however, evaluation is based on an individual’s self-motivated approach. It is the first course in the series and focuses on art identified with the Western tradition. Art History 2 (3); Sp This is the second course in a sequence about western art and architecture from prehistory to the medieval period. Major artists and trends in painting, sculpture, photography, and architecture will be discussed, with particular emphasis on personality and innovation. Art of the Americas (3); Fa A survey of the arts of the Americas, covering the pre-Columbian indigenous cultures, Hispanic colonial presence, and contemporary Native American and Hispanic arts. Independent Study (1-4 VC) Individual research in a selected area of art history or criticism arranged with an instructor.We also wish to know from where the materials came and what properties caused them to be selected for the purpose or purposes for which they were chosen. Printmaking 4 (3); 2, 4 Continuation of ART 372, with emphasis placed on an individual topic decided upon by both student and instructor, resulting in a suite or series of images in print. Art Foundry 3 (3); 2, 4 Su A continuation of ART 385, with an emphasis on refining aesthetic knowledge and technical skills. Prerequisites: AH 210 and AH 211, or permission of instructor. Seminar in Art History (3) Sp Seminar course in a topic or topics of art history. Prerequisites: AH 210 and AH 211, or permission of instructor. Biology Perspectives (4); 3, 2 Fa, Sp An introduction to biology that includes consideration of the diversity of life, the origin of species, and ecology.Prerequisite: One introductory course in anthropology or sociology. Course readings, films, class lectures and discussions will examine the themes of cinematic (visual and auditory) manipulation of audience’s perceptions and interpretations, research and ethics and accountabilities, and the politics of ethnographic representation. Sculpture 3 (3); 2, 4 A continuation of ART 341 and an introduction to bronze casting. Prerequisites or co-requisites: BIOL 211 and CHEM 211 or permission of instructor. Prerequisites: BIOL 212, CHEM 211, MATH 120 or permission of instructor. General Microbiology (4); 3, 2 Fa This course offers students an intensive and comprehensive introduction to microbiology.Students will learn about film in anthropology by viewing and discussing films that reflect various anthropological principles. The course will focus on the physiology and molecular biology of bacteria and viruses.

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