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Just a quick tutorial of updating games on a xbox 360 which has been banned, I used this to update my skyrim ready for mods, And thought it was useful, So i'll show anyone that doesn't know. Im sure you, Or one of your friends have had it, The dreaded moment when your console is banned and un-able to connect to the internet...The moment of dread when you realise you cant play anymore, Then the sickness of not being able to get rid of the bugs and glitches in games, As you cannot update them, Well today im going to show you how to update them and its real easy!, but made it clear bans will still be used in some instances.

I purchased a banned 360 console awhile back because I don't have highspeed internet at my house and can't get Live.

Both of these feature changes will follow a new Xbox One dashboard that once again focuses on speed and adds some subtle Fluent Design elements.

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The month kicks off in style, as Trials of the Blood Dragon joins the Xbox One games list from March 1 until March 30.

This will be followed by stylish indie hit Superhot, which joins the service from March 16 until April 15.

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