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Be aware of places where an enemy can’t walk directly to you (a steep hill), or where they have to go around a bit to get to you (tower areas, bridges, etc.). Also, understand where the enemy players will be rezzing.AB is a fine example of a BG where knowing the enemies’ next rezz spot can win or lose an entire match.If specced into Grimoire of Sacrifice wait until you use your Felhunter’s (FH) spell lock before sacrificing the FH.The grimoire resets the cooldown of spell lock, so you can get a second off fairly soon. Make sure you eat his Spell Reflect first, perhaps with Curse of Elements, so that your Blood horror is not reflected.‘Greater Multistrike Taladite: 50 Multi Strike Multistrike Taladite: 35 Multistrike Greater Mastery Taladite: 50 Mastery Mastery Taladite: 35 Mastery Greater Haste Taladite: 50 Haste Haste Taladite: 35 Haste Greater Critical Strike Taladite: 50 Crit Critical Strike Taladite: 35 Crit Greater Versatility Taladite: 50 Versatility Versatility Taladite: 35 Versatility Any effect mentioned that you can ‘Eat’ is referring to Devour Magic, not that you should sit there and take it.Most of this was originally posted on the wow forums and it’s reprinted, edited, and updated here.You may find yourself suddenly getting heals even if you’re pugging it.

There are also a couple of tertiary stats, Leech and Avoidance, which won’t be covered here as the only rarely appear on your gear.Updated for Warlords of Draenor What more could you want in a class?Warlocks have the damage, the control, the terror, and big demon things doing their bidding. This page is an Keep in mind that this page covers Warlock Pv P in general.You can get them here: We push multiple alpha versions to Curse on an average day, these versions may contain important new features or bug fixes for the bleeding edge raid content...These versions are tagged as alpha, so they will not be downloaded by default.

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