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That, of course, isn’t the first time Marvel/Disney have pulled their license from their games – currently, you are unable to legally buy most Marvel titles, such as the “Marvel vs Capcom” series or “X-Men Destiny” (the latter of which wasn’t very good, but still), and for years fan-favorites “Marvel Ultimate Alliance” (which inspired both “Avengers Alliance” and “Marvel Future Fight”) were also unavailable for purchase. The same thing can’t possibly happen to slots, can it? Or why the ones that exist aren’t featured as prominently on the front pages of your online casinos as they once were?Well, the secret lies, once again, in licensing issues.This software giant has got the usual suspects in i Gaming – blackjack, roulette and baccarat with a real dealer but they also have made the effort to offer some cool and unusual settings, such as the Prestige series, which includes baccarat and roulette and, hopefully, there will be a Prestige Blackjack soon, too.The quality of the stream is excellent and the dealers are very friendly and charming.Evolution Gaming is the Number One live platform provider, no matter if you look at the number of casinos that are using their products or at the awards they have been receiving.They are one step ahead of all the rest as they say at Developers know that the names will make people come, but it’s the games that will make them stay, and thus try their hardest to make their creations as enjoyable as possible.Licensed slots seem like a win-win-win situation, as the developers win more due to the brand recognition, the players get to experience a high-quality slot featuring the characters they know and love, and even the license holders get a share of the profits for doing absolutely nothing.

They don’t just have more than the others, they have times more. They never quit in trying to improve their service and their products.

Licensed slots are absolutely fantastic, in every way.

Sure, some of them are just cheap imitations of their source material with some popular brand name plastered on it, but most of them have a lot of effort and love put behind them.

I guess, that’s why they keep on taking whatever award is there to take.

Did you know that they have received the prestigious EGR award for “Live Casino Software Supplier of the Year” seven times in a row – that’s every year since the awards started. Now, it’s not that I want to contradict myself in two adjacent paragraphs but no matter how much everyone loves Evolution, my personal preferences lie with Extreme Live Gaming.

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The former of those had been around for over four years now and had literally thousands of fans who payed millions in microtransactions in an attempt to support the game they enjoyed.

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