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The first room on the right has a chest, the second room on the left has a hole in the wall, and both rooms on the end have false walls. Deliver the Relic "Hmm, this isn't decisive proof yet but I will keep this relic and see what other secrets it holds. Perhaps you can use some of the foreign charm and tell at least 5 locals about Ameen Moussa and how they are so very awesome.Check the chest and hole and then go into the last bedroom on the right. Go through it and down the stairs behind it and then the next set of stairs too. And tell Ameen Moussa what you've done, as the reward will no doubt be grand!Once you're down the stairs, look for a pedestal almost behind the stairs with a keystone on it.Grab the treasure from the room and then use the keystone you just got to open the door.""You have read the book so you know how worthless it is.Anyway, while Dalida Barakat has been wasting our time, I've been doing some digging and found out that one of Queen Hatshepsut's secret lairs is beneath one of the houses in this very town!

Anyway Dalida Barakat found a keystone embedded in the relic you found.I've determined that the next secret hiding place for Hatsheput and Ramses is underneath the market itself. Find this secret basement chamber and deliver any clues you find in chests to Dalida Barakat." Follow the tomb icon and it should lead you pretty much to the door of the tomb but if you have trouble finding it, it's behind the adventurer's goods shop. There are stairs leading down to the actual Market Chamber.Go past all the stalls and down the stairs at the end.There's a chest in one of the side rooms at the bottom of the stairs and some Nectar in one of the others.When you're ready, place the keystone into the glowing slot. NOTE: In this room with the three doors requiring keystones, the door on the right can be opened after you collect a keystone from the Queen's Chambers tomb.

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