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Not only that, but he runs his own boot camp known as The ABC’s of Attraction.

Tran is part of a fairly recent movement where pickup artists (the technical term is PUAs) is gaining prominence.

While PUAs have been around since the 1970s, in 2005 investigative reporter Neil Strauss’ book granted them renewed attention.

The book follows Strauss as he undergoes a PUA boot camp program, run by a man known as Mystery, and explores the seduction community.

For many, the lack of confidence comes from their inability to break from traditional Asian values, especially for first- and second-generation Asians.

“The first time these men or their parents arrived [in North America], they are essentially strangers in a strange land, so they concentrate on things that would help them survive,” Tran illustrates, “So, they focus on grades, quality universities, and good jobs.

Your security and comfort are extremely important to us.

We reward your trust with an extensive screening process and in-person interviews to ensure all applicants meet our uncompromising membership requirements.

Inspired by what he learned at Mystery’s boot camp, Tran sought to teach Mystery’s principles to a multicultural audience.

His biggest customers, however, is the Asian male, a demographic with its fair share of romantic troubles.

According to Tran, two sources in particular create a “feedback loop” that influences not only society’s perception of Asian men, but also how Asian men perceive themselves.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the North American dating scene.

In February 2006, You Tube celebrity Wong Fu Productions uploaded a 15-minute homemade comedy entitled “Yellow Fever,” which eventually became Wong Fu Production’s claim to fame.

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