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This move was almost a disaster, thankfully, threw me a life saver, and now I am floating with ease, right into a great home, friendship, and adventure. I found the ideal roommates and the most incredible apartment through this service. I paid about 0 last time registering with a bunch of roommate services and got absolutely no results. If I had only know this service was so easy, I would have tried it sooner.

I will use this service again if I run into another empty room in the future!! - Rayne" "I was amazed, and relieved to find this site to be so succesful.

I was really in a jam when my previous arrangement fell through.

Within 2-3 weeks with you I wrote to several people I thought may be a good match - I also received interested responses to my ad as well. I wouldn't hesitate to refer someone to your service. Best Regards, - Chris" "I just wanted to express my thanks to you guys for helping me find a "killer pad." I am moving back home and was going to spend loads of money to get my own apt.

I chose to try Roommates.com, spent some time e-mailing prospects in respective filters that were easy to set up.... I had a real choice on places, with pictures and everything..I found a beautiful Italian Villa with a REALLY cool owner, the right price/deposit..we have agreed on a deal! - Jason" "I just had a general comment to make about the service you guys have offerred here.

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