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The scarily possible future world of Black Mirror also toyed with the idea.

This course is recommended for students in Years 7 and 8.I feel that if all of this data were to be expressed visually, it would be one of those impressionist paintings that have a wild familiarity, like Kandinsky’s ‘Composition VII’.Or perhaps it is more likely to look like absolute empty space, white pastel on canvas — my dead digital self’s ego should not be inflated to such dizzying heights.Mazurenko’s memorial bot was loved by many, and, following this, Kuyda and the Luda team released Replika, in March 2017. The team worked with psychologists to come up with sets of questions that would best elicit honest, open answers.Eventually the app creates a replica of you, and it has been described as a form of chatbot therapy.

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I got a mobile phone, I joined Facebook, Twitter, and I made a Gmail account.

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