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Words with more than one meaning will appear in more than one category of the Historical Thesaurus.If you are presented with a list of possibilities, the summary of Thesaurus headings at the top of each entry will help you find the meaning you want.The Thesaurus can also be used if you have a word on the tip of your tongue but can’t quite remember it; a search for a synonym may well jog your memory.Thesaurus wordlists show what words were available to talk or write about a particular concept at a particular time. (archaic), makes it possible to look through a category and find out which words were current when a particular author was writing, such as the different choices available to Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) to discuss (1533).De bevoorrading van supermarkten gebeurt, onder invloed van de 24-uurs economie, steeds vaker buiten openingstijden.De bevoorrading van supermarkten in stedelijke, bewoonde gebieden kan dan tot geluidsoverlast voor omwonenden leiden.

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You can narrow your search by entering through one of the categories listed on the Thesaurus page. One of the commonest uses of any Thesaurus is choosing the right word for a context.

With the Historical Thesaurus, you have access to the right words for any period.

Ook is het een bewijs voor de controlerende instanties (veelal gemeenten) dat het voertuig of transportmiddel aan de gestelde normen in het TNO protocol voldoet.

Stille distributie zonder overlast voor omwonenden De geluidsproductie van hand- en elektropallettrucks is vooral van belang voor bedrijven die in de avond of nacht (’s ochtends vroeg) willen bevoorraden.

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