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Her father, a patrician, died when she was five years old.

That left her dependent upon her sickly mother Eutychia, who was of Greek descent.

Lucy is connected with a period of great political uncertainly and anxiety in the Roman Empire.

It was an anxious time as the enemies of the Roman Empire attacked on all sides.

General Galerius was appointed Caesar in the East and General Maximian as Caesar in the Western part of the Empire. Diocletian at first was very tolerant of the Catholic Faith.

Indeed, the Catholic faith grew in great numbers and erected churches in the principle cities.

As a result of this miraculous cure, Eutychia realized how saintly her daughter had become.

Also, Lucy could now tell her mother of her vow of virginity to Christ.

However, as the Empire reeled under the continued attacks of its many enemies, Galerius and Maximian persuaded Diocletian to attempt to reinstate the ancient pagan religion throughout the empire.However, Eutychia, not knowing of Lucys promise and suffering from a bleeding disorder feared for Lucys future.She arranged Lucys marriage to a young man of a wealthy pagan family.Even more of the precious history of the early Church would be lost. Great numbers of bishops, priests and deacons were arrested and martyred. Lucy had become well known in Syracuse for her faith and charitable works.Others were sold off as slaves in the salt and copper mines. Villages and towns would be leveled and their inhabitants slaughtered or sold into slavery for being Catholic. In these sorrowful days Lucy carried food and drink to Catholics hiding in the dark underground catacombs.

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