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Superintendent Langdon said the man had a history of mental illness and was not carrying an explosive device.'It's quite heroic for the passengers and crew to restrain this person,' he said.The Malaysian Government claimed the suspicious object the man was holding was likely a powerbank used to charge mobile phones.'It is believed that the suspect is a Sri Lankan national, and that he was drunk,' Malaysia’s Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Seri Aziz Ab Kaprawi told The Star.While many new startup companies fall by the wayside, we are Australia's most trusted and most successful Speed Dating service.Its no secret that Speed Dating has grown rapidly all over the world.For more information about Speed Dating please read our How and Why Pages.A 25-year-old man claiming to be carrying a bomb attempted to hijack a flight and force his way into the plane's cockpit, before other passengers wrestled him to the ground.he looked like a lunatic.'Mr Leoncelli said the man, who was tall and had dark skin, was holding a 'huge, metallic, unusual' object the size of a watermelon with two short antennas.

Malaysia Airlines has released a statement confirming the incident.They will be offered travel on the next available flight or on other carriers.' Victoria Police Senior Constable Adam West said that Malaysia Airlines had called for assistance at 11.40pm.'It is alleged that a man tried to enter the cockpit and threatened the safety of passengers and staff,''The man did not gain entry to the cockpit.This page is a tribute to an excellent blog that was written at the peak of the Melbourne Gangland Wars around 2004 to 2009. hey your loyal readers are still out here waiting you know … Come on MU Blogger – the Paul Dale case deserves your attention! Kamel Khoder, 30, of Coburg, was charged with four counts of obtaining financial advantage by deception and one of making a false document after a 10-month Purana taskforce investigation into an alleged money-laundering ring with links to Mr Mokbel.With our fast-paced lifestyle and modern technology, we are spoilt for choice and expect results quickly.Its no surprise that Speed Dating was a concept just waiting to happen...

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Images from inside Malaysia Airlines flight MH128, travelling from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur, show flight staff using makeshift handcuffs to restrain the attacker and keep him pressed to the ground.

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