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) than last year; that he again took the Kingswood diversion; and that he tried the Biggleswade & Potton diversion too on which he felt that “The B1040 is a bit of a fast road and the roundabout crossing of the A1 is not going to be ideal for everyone”. On 22-24 March 2017, John Mears rode to Cambridge and back with a day’s stay inbetween; it took him around 7½ hours both ways, starting from Abingdon and so incurring an extra 9 miles.

He provided helpful updates about the road closures at Ampthill/Flitwick, Brickhills, and Ashendon—none of which were sufficiently closed to prevent passage of a bicycle—and mentioned pub and coffee shop in Quainton which is cyclist-friendly.

Mr Hammond added that half of drivers flouted the 70mph rule anyway, and most police authorities turn a blind eye if drivers are caught at 80mph.

But there are worries that if the official limit is put up to 80mph, many will start to drive at 90mph.

He noted that a new pedestrian crossing has been installed in Sandy on the B1042 between the railway bridge and the Everton turning.

John said that the Old Sun in Ampthill doesn’t do food at weekends but let him sit in their garden with a drink from them and food from the chippy! One presumes that Chris and John must have passed one another on my route somewhere in the Ampthill area…

Mary’s in 4h58m; and even taking into account a brunch-stop in Cambridge it took him 12h21m from Carfax to Carfax (14h43 for the full day’s riding).

On Saturday 10 October 2015, Bruce Hill rode from Oxford towards Cambridge (turning off after Gamlingay to go to Eltisley); he was on day 2 of a longer ride from Bristol, completing each leg in around six hours.

Roger first rode the route a decade ago and at that time assisted me with an update about the road closures relating to the Stoke Hammond & Linslade western bypass; this time he advised that Froghall Road at the south end of Ampthill is closed. On Saturday 21 January 2017, Nick Lee rode it Oxford-bound in 6h45m including stops.

I suspect it was just as well that he did ride it that quickly, as he will have been trying to keep warm: the temperature was below freezing when he set off, and barely rose above 2°C all day. (Weather data from University of Cambridge Digital Technology Group.) Thanks to Nick for advising of the road closure at Ashendon.

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