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The whole shindig involves putting 20 eligible singles in room together, adding in a collection of pups that you may or may not want to keep forever, and letting the humans and doggos mingle together.

We can imagine it will look something like this: You can also BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog) along if you want your furry friend to get in on the action and meet some eligible puppers themselves.

“And then it’s really a personality thing -- you really need to get on with the person that you’re going to share with because you don’t want to be competing with them.” She says while job sharing is often most associated with pairing people of the same level and skills, it can also be a good fit for a mix of experienced and more junior staff.

She spoke of a team where a more senior person mentored her job share partner and that person was eventually promoted to be at the same level so then they could advance and apply for promotions as a team.

“I think there will be a lot of people who will really hit it off on the night but I think it will be more that they will catch up again post the evening with a bit more time to chat,” she said.

“I worked in advertising and after I had my first son I found it really hard to find part time work,” she said.“The agency I had worked at previously had a little bit of work for me and while I was working for them it was really hard even though they were really supportive of it.“I thought how crazy it was that if only I could find someone who did what I did that we could share the role and it would be so much easier.” Mum isn’t the only word when it comes to job sharing But even though she was inspired by her experience as a mum, Mc Laughlin stresses that job sharing shouldn’t just be about women returning to work.Australia is leading the charge for flexible working roles globally, and are actively seeking out non-traditional roles, whether they be part time, job-sharing, working from home.The Gemini3 white paper found Australians are ready to embrace the new era of flexible work with 75 percent of Australians are interested in job sharing.

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