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Upon opening the box, I I had reservations about the grader being up to the task. The driveway had been re-graveled late this past winter and had wear ruts and a tall crown. To anyone considering a grader, I highly recommend the DR Power Grader. Was somewhat skeptical, but it does an amazing job.It took a number of passes due to the condition of the driveway but the grader did an amazing job at spreading and leveling. Drive was full of grass and in about 2 hours, it looked like a new driveway.

All 12 scarifying teeth look great as does the grading blade.

The last 2 passes were in the grading position with the 70 lbs. The LTS-1500 has a manual transmission so I was able to easily maintain ~2 mph during all 6 passes.

The instruction manual says a maximum of 5 mph when scarifying and/or grading, and this may be possible with small loose material on the last couple of passes, but from my experience slower is better in regards to results and preventing bouncing and damage to the grader or shear pin.

As soon as it is in stock, we will have it on its way to you.

Feel free to contact us at 1(800)687-6575 we would be happy to help in any way we can.

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My 48" (11 year old) Power Grader died so I went for a new 48" grader instead of buying $500 in parts. Country Home to me means Made in the USA), wheels seem light weight and cheaper plastic instead of the sold rubber wheels on the older model, harder to disconnect the up/down cable which appears to be cheaply made vs the older grader with heavy duty box and quick disconnect at the grader.

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