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Here again, though, the response was more muted than I would have imagined.

Ovr C is a remote network monitoring and management solution that allows dealers to troubleshoot their clients’ systems from afar, and fix many issues before the customer even knows about them.

That is a philosophy and business practice that Snap AV shares with Allnet, by the way, the distributor it recently acquired, but we digress.

Snap AV’s immediate focus right now is to help dealers sell more lighting.

Snap AV is a number-cruncher at heart, and they recognize that dealer happiness might take a long time and a lot of money to attain, but it pays off in the long run.

The Lutron and Snap AV thing The surprise acquisition of Allnet notwithstanding, Snap AV is mostly a serious product developer, as well as a white-label importer, and sometimes a distributor of name-brand third-party products that fill a gap (see #2 above).

Judging by the somewhat tepid response to Monday’s news, it seems most home-tech pros believe Lutron is now just another brand on Snap AV’s virtual shelves. @Lutron gets deep exposure to the “value” market, while @Snap AV gets co-branding with a known leader in high end. It’s a good business move, the impact on the HTP [home technology professional] is TBD.

It’s hard to get shades in straight, and it often takes a two-man crew. In this case, dealers are nervous about calculating loads. And so on and so on across the long checklist of objections.

The duo has spent a long time building on-demand training courses, and Snap AV has performed its usual wizardry on Web-based tools and business processes to drive this very specific mission.

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