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A string of youngsters who had been receiving squash lessons from Henricus stripped off and carried out sex acts in front of their web cams at the request of 'Chloe' - only to discover it was in fact their coach watching and communicating with them.

Henricus who worked at the National Squash Centre near the Manchester City stadium and who was chairman of City of Manchester Squash Club also tried to persuade victims they were gay - and raped one in the disabled toilets of a sports arena.

It emerged Henricus had preyed on ten youngsters aged between 11 and 15 including seven players.

It is expected he will be deported when he has served his sentence.

Prosecutor Mr Alaric Bassano said: 'He was described as a proactive and enthusiastic coach but he exploited his position and in the cases of seven of the boys he adopted fictitious female aliases and masqueraded as a teenage girl and went to considerable lengths to deceive the boys as to the identity and gender of the person with whom the boys were communicating.'In all cases he relentlessly sought to groom and corrupt the boys for his own sexual gratification and preyed on their youth and naivety.

In some instances he repeatedly sought to challenge, undermine and change the boys' sexuality.'Several of the boys were and still are significantly affected by what he did.

He became a coach working with players aged between five and 15 at the Manchester Sports and Leisure Ethiad Campus and was studying a Sports Development degree at the University of Bolton.

The incidents occurred between 20 just four years after he became chairman of the Manchester Squash Club aged just 17 and after he helped at the UK Junior Open squash championship.

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