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Thanks.)Ok, when people start racing to post these at midnight, and beg for upvotes, this experiment has jumped the shark.I'm going to bury this post and ask you all not to post more of them.Implemented right, this could somewhat level the playing field and allow poorer people have access to some sort of legal advice, which today they would not be able to afford.Monetizing the system could be charging for queries as you probe deeper and deeper into the system/advertising for lawyers.Furthermore, they expect information to be conveniently accessible and beautifully designed.Finally, organizations themselves have become more complex, meaning that the exchange of organizational information has become more challenging, too.

People tend to be more educated and therefore tend to be more sceptical of organization’s intentions.But our job is to optimize HN for quality and I don't think the quality is high enough here. Let's discuss them as they come up organically, rather than try to organize an idea-fest.1. id=7682938I agree about the frustration of having multiple threads posted by different people. I think it's at least better than yet another Techcrunch post or ceaseless bickering about class warfare and internecine SV politics.Also, perhaps these threads should automatically expire weekly.The business case is: In a country like India there are over 20 million pending cases in courts.Imagine both sides of lawyers and the judge all having access to a system like this - cases could be resolved a lot faster and time spent building defense/prosecution would be a significantly smaller.

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En Argentina se realizó el estudio entre agosto de 2015 y abril de 2016.

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