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Judaism is the second most populous religion in the US after Christianity, comprising about 1.3% of the population.

List of Jews bycountry Sub-Saharan Africa Arab World | Israel*South-East Europe Austria | Hungary Poland | East Europe Russia | North Europe UK | Germany | Italy France | West Europe Iberia | Latin America Caribbean | Canada US | Asia | Oceania(*most are Jewish)List of Americansby U. stateby ethnicity: Black | Arab Filipino | Greek Indian | Iranian Irish| Italian Japanese | Jewish Korean| Native Norwegian| Polish Vietnamese| Chineseedit At about 6 million, the Jewish population of the United States is currently the largest Jewish population in the world.

Contents[hide]* 1 Baseball* 2 Basketball* 3 Boxing* 4 Chess* 5 Football* 6 Golf* 7 Hockey* 8 Mind sports* 9 Miscellaneous* 10 Motor sports* 11 Poker* 12 Power sports* 13 Skating sports* 14 Soccer* 15 Swimming* 16 Tennis and racquet sports* 17 Track and Field* 18 Finance* 19 Retail and rental* 20 Toys* 21 Confectionery* 22 Electronics* 23 Software and Internet* 24 Media* 25 Publishing* 26 Advertising* 27 Visual artists* 28 Architects* 29 Photographers* 30 Fashion designers* 31 Cartoonists, animators, and comics writers* 32 Authors* 33 Poets* 34 Playwrights* 35 Journalists* 36 Solo musicians* 37 Band musicians* 38 Jazz musicans* 39 Classical* 40 Producers etc.* 41 Songwriters* 42 Musicals writers* 43 Classical composers* 44 Film composers* 45 Film directors* 46 Film actors* 47 Television actors* 48 TV and radio presenters* 49 Producers and creators* 50 Comedians* 51 Theatre* 52 Magicians* 53 Dance* 54 Models* 55 Philosophers* 56 Social and Political Scientists* 57 Linguists* 58 Psychologists* 59 Economists* 60 Historians* 61 Physicists* 62 Chemists* 63 Biologists and physicians* 64 Mathematicians* 65 Computer scientists* 66 Inventorso 66.1 Presidential candidateso 66.2 Cabinet memberso 66.3 Senatorso 66.4 Representativeso 66.5 Governorso 66.6 Mayors * 67 Jurists, economists and military peopleo 67.1 Supreme Courto 67.2 Lawyerso 67.3 Economistso 67.4 Military * 68 Activistso 68.1 Social leaderso 68.2 Political and civil rights activistso 68.3 Anti-racismo 68.4 Feminism and gay rightso 68.5 Health and environment * 69 Controversialo 69.1 Criminalso 69.2 Other [edit]Baseball* Brad Ausmus, baseball player (Jewish mother)* Bo Belinsky, baseball player (Jewish mother)* Moe Berg, baseball player & spy* Ron Blomberg, baseball player, MLB's first designated hitter* Lou Boudreau, baseball player, MVP 1948, Ho F (Jewish mother)* Barney Dreyfuss, co-founder of the World Series* Shawn Green, baseball player* Hank Greenberg, baseball player, MVP 1935/1940, Ho F* Ken Holtzman, baseball player* Gabe Kapler, baseball player* Sandy Koufax, baseball player, MVP 1963, Ho F* Mike Lieberthal, baseball player (Jewish father)* Levi Meyerle, credited with first double and triple (1876)* Marvin Miller, first director of the MLBPA* Buddy Myer, baseball player* Lip Pike, 19th century player* Al Rosen, baseball player, MVP 1953* Bud Selig, baseball commissioner* Steve Stone, baseball player* Kevin Youkilis, baseball player [edit]Basketball* Red Auerbach, basketball coach, Ho F* Senda Berenson, educator & sportswoman, Ho F* Sue Bird, basketball player (Jewish father)* Larry Brown, basketball coach* Marty Friedman, basketball player, Ho F* Eddie Gottlieb, NBA co-founder, Ho F* Nat Holman, basketball player & coach, Ho F* Red Holzman, basketball coach, Ho F* Nancy Lieberman, basketball player, Ho F* Harry Litwack, basketball coach, Ho F* Maurice Podoloff, basketball commissioner, Ho F* Abe Saperstein, creator of the Harlem Globetrotters, Ho F* Dolph Schayes, basketball player, Ho F* Ossie Schectman, scored first basket of NBA (1946)* Barney Sedran, basketball player, Ho F* David Stern, basketball commissioner [edit]Boxing* Ray Arcel, boxing trainer, Ho F* Bob Arum, boxing promoter, Ho F* Abe Attell, world featherweight champion, Ho F* Benny Bass, world featherweight champion, Ho F* Samuel Berger, first Olympic heavyweight champion* Joe Choynski, heavyweight fighter, Ho F* Charley Goldman, boxing trainer, Ho F* Mike Jacobs, boxing promoter, Ho F* Jackie Kallen, boxing promoter* Louis Kid Kaplan, world featherweight champion, Ho F* Benny Leonard, world lightweight champion, Ho F* Battling Levinsky, world light-heavyweight champion, Ho F* Jill Matthews, world junior-flyweight champion* Dana Rosenblatt, world middleweight champion* Maxie Rosenbloom, world light-heavyweight champion, Ho F* Barney Ross, world lightweight and welterweight champion, Ho F* Mike Rossman, world light-heavyweight champion (Jewish mother)* Lew Tendler, the "greatest southpaw in ring history", Ho F [edit]Chess* Lev Alburt, US Chess Champion, Ho F* Joel Benjamin, US Chess Champion* Hans Berliner, World Postal Chess Champion, Ho F* Arthur Bisguier, US Chess Champion, Ho F* Arnold Denker, US Chess Champion, Ho F* Roman Dzindzichashvili, US Chess Champion* Esther Epstein, US Women's Chess Champion* Larry Evans, US Chess Champion, Ho F* Reuben Fine, chess grandmaster, Ho F* Bobby Fischer, US & World Chess Champion, Ho F (Jewish mother & alleged Jewish father; does not identify, and is in fact an outspoken anti-Semite)* Gisela Gresser, US Women's Chess Champion, Ho F* Boris Gulko, US Chess Champion* Israel Horowitz, chess player, Ho F* Isaac Kashdan, chess grandmaster, Ho F* George Koltanowski, chess grandmaster, Ho F* Irina Levitina, US Women's Chess Champion & bridge champion* Fred Reinfeld, chess writer, Ho F* Samuel Reshevsky, US Chess Champion, Ho F* Herman Steiner, US Chess Champion* Wilhelm Steinitz, World Chess Champion, Ho F* Michael Wilder, US Chess Champion [edit]Football* Lyle Alzado, football player* Harris Barton, football player* Al Davis, football coach, PFHo F* Jay Fiedler, football player* Benny Friedman, football player, PFHo F, CFHo F* Sid Gillman, football coach, PFHo F, CFHo F* Marshall Goldberg, football player, CFHo F* Marv Levy, footbal coach, PFHo F* Benny Lom, football player* Sid Luckman, football player, PFHo F, CFHo F* Ron Mix, football player, PFHo F* Igor Olshansky, football player [edit]Golf* Amy Alcott, golfer* Bruce Fleisher, golfer* Jonathan Kaye, golfer* Cristie Kerr, golfer (Jewish father)* Morgan Pressel, golfer [edit]Hockey* Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner* Sara De Costa, hockey player* Jeff Halpern, hockey player* Mathieu Schneider, hockey player [edit]Mind sports* Billy Eisenberg, bridge & backgammon champion* Charles Goren, bridge player & writer* Oswald Jacoby, bridge & backgammon champion* Joel Sherman, scrabble champion [edit]Miscellaneous* Alan Gelfand, skateboarder, Ollie inventor* Albert Axelrod, fencer* Gary Auerbach, frisbee champion* Sidney Franklin, bullfighter* Vic Hershkowitz, handball champion* Marshall Holman, bowling champion* Jimmy Jacobs, handball champion, boxing coach* Sada Jacobson, fencer* Mark Roth, bowling champion* Kerri Strug, gymnast [edit]Motor sports* Kenny Bernstein, drag racer* Paul Newman, auto racer & team owner (Jewish father)* Peter Revson, F1 racer* Mauri Rose, Indy 500 racer [edit]Poker* Mickey Appleman, poker champion (4 WSOP bracelets)* Lyle Berman, poker player & business executive (3 WSOP bracelets)* Barry Greenstein, poker player & philanthropist (1 WSOP braclet)* Perry Green, poker player (3 WSOP bracelets)* Jay Heimowitz, poker player (6 WSOP bracelets)* Howard Lederer & Annie Duke, poker players (2 & 1 WSOP bracelets) (unconfirmed)* Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, poker player (2 WSOP bracelets)* David Sklansky, poker player & author (3 WSOP bracelets) (unconfirmed)* Jack Straus, poker player (2 WSOP bracelets, 1 championship)* Stu Ungar, poker player (5 WSOP bracelets, 3 championships) [edit]Power sports* Isaac Berger, Olympic weightlifter (1g2s)* Bill Goldberg, professional wrestler* Scott Levy, professional wrestler (Raven)* Dean Malenko, professional wrestler* Amy Weisberger, powerlifter* Henry Wittenberg, Olympic wrestler (1g1s) [edit]Skating sports* Sasha Cohen, figure skater* Scott Cohen, free skating champion* Aaron Feinberg, rollerblading champion* Sarah Hughes, figure skating champion (Jewish mother)* Irving Jaffee, speed skating champion [edit]Soccer* Yari Allnut, soccer player* Jeff Agoos, soccer player* Dan Calichman, soccer player* Don Garber, soccer comissioner* Shep Messing, soccer player* Sara Whalen, soccer player* Ethan Zohn, soccer player [edit]Swimming* Tiffany Cohen, Olympic swimmer (2g)* Anthony Ervin, Olympic swimmer (1g1s) (Jewish mother)* Lenny Krayzelburg, Olympic swimmer (3g)* Jason Lezak, Olympic swimmer (2g1s1b)* Keena Rothhammer, Olympic swimmer (1g1s)* Mark Spitz, Olympic swimmer (9g1s1b)* Dara Torres, Olympic swimmer (4g1s4b) (Jewish father) [edit]Tennis and racquet sports* Joey Cornblit, jai-alai player* Brad Gilbert, tennis player & coach* Brian Gottfried, tennis player* Marty Hogan, racquetball player* Aaron Krickstein, tennis player* Victor Niederhoffer, squash player* Dr.

Here is a list of some prominent Jewish Americans, arranged by field of activity.

Coser, sociologist* Amitai Etzioni, sociologist* Norman Finkelstein, political theorist* Mark Granovetter, sociologist* Marvin Harris, anthropologist* Melville J.

Herskovits, anthropologist* Lenore Jacobson, experimental sociologist* Evelyn Fox Keller, science & gender theorist* Irving Kristol, neoconservative* Paul Lazarsfeld, sociologist* Seymour Martin Lipset, political sociologist* Robert Lowie, anthropologist* Herbert Marcuse, sociologist, New Left figurehead* Robert King Merton, sociologist* Ashley Montagu, anthropologist* Paul Radin, anthropologist* David Riesman, sociologist* Robert Rosenthal, experimental sociologist* Marshall Sahlins, anthropologist* David Schneider, cultural anthropologist* Alfred Sch�tz, sociologist & philosopher* Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, queer theorist* Louis Wirth, sociologist* Eric Wolf, anthropologist* Milford H.

Glaser, bubble chamber, Nobel Prize (1960)* Thomas Gold, cosmologist (Jewish father)* Daniel S.

Kreps, economist, Clark Medal (1989)* Paul Krugman, economist & journalist, Clark Medal (1991)* Simon Kuznets, econometrics, Nobel Prize (1971)* Wassily Leontief, Input-Output method, Nobel Prize (1973) (Jewish mother)* Steven Levitt, economist, Clark Medal (2003)* Harry Markowitz, economist, Nobel Prize (1990)* Robert Merton, Black-Scholes equation, Nobel Prize (1997) (Jewish father)* Merton Miller, economist, Nobel Prize (1990)* Ludwig von Mises, Austrian School economist* Franco Modigliani, economist, Nobel Prize (1985)* Oskar Morgenstern, game theorist* Marc Leon Nerlove, economist, Clark Medal (1969)* Matthew Rabin, economist, Clark Medal (2001)* Murray Rothbard, Austrian School economist* Jeffrey Sachs, economic shock therapy* Paul Samuelson, economic analysis, Clark Medal (1947), Nobel Prize (1970)* Andrei Shleifer, economist, Clark Medal (1999)* Myron Scholes, Black-Scholes equation, Nobel Prize (1997)* Robert Solow, economic growth, Clark Medal (1961), Nobel Prize (1987)* Joseph Stiglitz, economist & author, Clark Medal (1979), Nobel Prize (2001)* Lawrence Summers, economist, Clark Medal (1993)* Jacob Viner, economist [edit]Historians* Herbert Aptheker, Marxist historian* Bernard Bailyn, historian* Daniel Boorstin, historian* Alan Brinkley, historian (half Jewish)* Norman Cantor, medieval historian* Ariel Durant, The Story of Civilization* Eric Foner, historian* Peter Gay, historian* Oscar Handlin, historian* Raul Hilberg, holocaust historian* Richard Hofstadter, historian (Jewish father)* Gerda Lerner, feminist historian* Bernard Lewis, historian of Islam* Deborah Lipstadt, Holocaust historian* Erwin Panofsky, art historian* Meyer Schapiro, art historian* Barbara Tuchman, historian* Howard Zinn, leftist historian [edit]Physicists* Ralph Alpher, background radiation* Hans Bethe, nuclear physicist, Nobel Prize (1967) (Jewish mother)* Felix Bloch, nuclear physicist, Nobel Prize (1952)* David Bohm, quantum physicist, philosopher of science* Leon Cooper, BCS theory, Nobel Prize (1972)* Martin Deutsch, positronium* Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist, Nobel Prize (1921)* Richard Feynman, quantum physicist, Nobel Prize (1965)* David Finkelstein, physicist* James Franck, physicist, Nobel Prize (1925)* Edward Fredkin, digital physicist* Herbert Friedman, solar X-rays* Jerome Friedman, physicist, Nobel Prize (1990)* Margaret Geller, astronomer* Murray Gell-Mann, quarks, Nobel Prize (1969)* Sheldon Glashow, physicist, Nobel Prize (1979)* Donald A.

John, actress* Barbra Streisand, Oscar-winning actress, singer, director* Elizabeth Taylor, Oscar-winning actress (converted)* Michelle Trachtenberg, teen actress (Jewish father)* Michael Vartan US actor (Jewish mother)* Eli Wallach, actor* Cornel Wilde, actor* Gene Wilder, actor* Debra Winger, actress* Shelley Winters, Oscar-winning actress* Evan Rachel Wood, actress [edit]Television actors Arranged by television show:* 24 - Jonathan Ahdout, Sara Gilbert, Mia Kirshner* The Addams Family - Carolyn Jones (converted)* Alice - Linda Lavin* Arrested Development - Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, David Cross* Babylon 5 - Mira Furlan, Stephen Furst* Battlestar Galactica - Lorne Greene (Canadian but US-based)* Baywatch - Yasmine Bleeth (Jewish father)* Beverly Hills 90210 - Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green (Jewish Father)* The Bob Newhart Show - Suzanne Pleshette* Bonanza - Lorne Greene, Michael Landon (Landon Jewish father; Greene Canadian but US-based)* Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seth Green, Alyson Hannigan, Michelle Trachtenberg, Amber Benson (Benson & Trachtenberg Jewish father; Hannigan Jewish mother), Juliet Landau,* Charlie's Angels - Tanya Roberts, Jaclyn Smith (both Jewish mother)* Cheers - Rhea Perlman, Bebe Neuwirth* Columbo - Peter Falk* The Cosby Show - Lisa Bonet (Jewish mother)* The Critic - Jon Lovitz* Curb Your Enthusiasm - Larry David* Dukes of Hazzard - Sorrell Booke* ER - Noah Wyle, Julianna Margulies (Margulies Jewish father)* Even Stevens - Shia La Beouf (Jewish mother)* Everybody Loves Raymond - Doris Roberts, Brad Garrett* The Facts of Life - Charlotte Rae, Mindy Cohn* Family Guy - Alex Borstein, Mila Kunis, Seth Green* Friends - Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer* Full House - Bob Saget, Scott Weinger, Marla Sokoloff* Futurama - Katey Sagal (Jewish father)* Get Smart - Don Adams, Bernie Kopell (Adams Jewish mother)* Gilligan's Island - Tina Louise, Natalie Schafer* Gimme a Break!

- Nell Carter (converted)* The Golden Girls - Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty* The Goon Show - Peter Sellers* Happy Days - Henry Winkler, Tom Bosley* Homicide: Life on the Street - Yaphet Kotto, Richard Belzer* Hogan's Heroes - Leon Askin, Werner Klemperer, John Banner, Robert Clary (Klemperer Jewish father)* The Larry Sanders Show - Garry Shandling, Jeffrey Tambor* Law & Order - Jerry Orbach, Steven Hill (Orbach Jewish father)* Little House on the Prairie - Michael Landon, Melissa Gilbert (Landon Jewish father)* Lost In Space - Jonathan Harris* Lou Grant - Ed Asner* Mad About You - Paul Reiser* Married with Children - Katey Sagal (Jewish father)* Maude - Bea Arthur, Bill Macy* Mission Impossible - Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Steven Hill* The Munsters - Al Lewis* The Nanny - Fran Drescher* Northern Exposure - Rob Morrow* The O. - Adam Brody* One Day at a Time - Bonnie Franklin* Party of Five - Scott Wolf (Jewish father)* The Phil Silvers Show - Phil Silvers* Roseanne - Roseanne Barr, Sandra Bernhard, Sara Gilbert, Tom Arnold (Arnold converted)* Roswell - Shiri Appleby, Brendan Fehr* Saved by the Bell - Elizabeth Berkley, Dustin Diamond* Scrubs - Zach Braff* Seinfeld - Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus* Sex and the City - Sarah Jessica Parker (Jewish mother)* The Simpsons - Hank Azaria, Julie Kavner, Harry Shearer* The Sopranos - Jamie-Lynn Di Scala* South Park - Matt Stone, Mary Kay Bergman, Eliza Schneider (Stone Jewish mother)* Space: 1999 - Martin Landau, Barbara Bain* Starsky and Hutch - Paul Michael Glaser* Star Trek: The Original Series - William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Walter Koenig* Star Trek: The Next Generation - Brent Spiner* Star Trek: Deep Space 9 - Armin Shimerman* Taxi - Judd Hirsch, Carol Kane, Andy Kaufman* That '70s Show - Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon, Tanya Roberts* thirtysomething - Ken Olin, Melanie Mayron* The West Wing - Richard Schiff, Joshua Malina* Who's the Boss?

Straus, Jr., co-founder of Farrar, Straus and Giroux [edit]Advertising* Edward Bernays, father of public relations* Bill Bernbach, advertising pioneer* Jay Chiat, advertiser* Stan Freberg, advertiser & radio personality* Oscar Goldstein, creator of Ronald Mc Donald* Albert Lasker, advertising pioneer, founder of the Lasker Award* Shirley Polykoff, advertiser* Ron Popeil, inventor & father of infomercials* Jay Schulberg, creator of Got Milk?

Simon & Max Schuster, founders of Simon and Schuster* Roger W.

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