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Most sites on the other hand require you to list your height, so if you want views and replies, you may have no choice On a brighter note, being a short man and having made it to where you are whether professionally, academically, socially and mentally has surely taken some overcoming.From the occasional oversized guy trying to peacock in the gym at your expense, to snickering broads attempting to let you know "your place", to the 'jokester’ coworker who just won't quit with his "original jokes", you are more resilient and comfortable with yourself than ever, maybe even more so than your taller counterparts.So if on your profile, you claim that you're 6’ 2”, even if you are, she is already expecting you to be shorter than that.It’s safe then to say that if she agrees to meet you for an actual date, she is already aware that you might in fact be shorter and has still made a conscious decision to meet you.The majority of the time, revealing your true height will result in fewer positive responses if any at all.

With these things going for you, you will be more equipped when you meet your match online or in real life.

It will take some effort, but as many other successful short men can confirm, it is completely doable.

Here are the facts: The internet is a place where a lot of people pretend to be things they are not.

Lets face it, we have all met heightist women online from the blatant and curt, "Do NOT contact me if you are under 5’ 10” (note the capitalization), to the politer sounding, “strong preference for tall men.” Another category of heightist women you will meet are the kind who will 'apologize’ for your height to her friends and family even though no one mentioned it.

For them, not being tall (read: 6 feet and up) is the ultimate deal breaker.

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