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Shia Labeouf will hunt you as long as you remain in the vicinity.The item you have can possibly aid you in some way, though your SM will determine how helpful it is in a given situation. This is a collaborative story-telling game and has no stats and uses only a single die to do every significant action. It’s unlikely the game will last more than 2 hours. Think the bastard son of Jason and Mike Myers with the cruelty of Freddy Krueger and the speed and power of the Wolfman.Note: They hate being chased and horror movies."In the corner, in the shadows, you see Shia Labouf, naked, crouched down and feasting on the innards of a Belgian Shepard. I'll probably sharpen their femurs and utilize their final excrement to use as punjabi spears to herd you into your very own "This is Your Life" special, only with everyone as cadaver puppets on intestinal meat strings. So here's a small example of how parts of ACSLB (catchy as fuck btw) should play to help clarify. SM: In the dank, smokey house of mirrors, vague flashes of Shia Labeouf pass in your peripheral vision. I was using it to learn basic web game dev with the Phaser framework.Alice, Bob, Jack and Jill are inside the disused fairground and have been selected as Shia's targets for the evening. You can no longer see the main exit, though you can travel north, south or east. Alice: "I'm going to smash a mirror to give myself a weapon! Bob is running and carrying Jill north, Jack is watching the ceiling with the gun, Alice you're in the middle of the intersection. I kinda dropped it when work got hectic, and figured it might be too late to be relevant anyway."Mrs.

The item in your possession can be virtually anything with the exception of the following: Each character begins play with 5 blood tokens. As you are attacked and move through various challenges, you will lose blood tokens. If the number is equal or greater than your current number of blood tokens, you lose one, which is discarded into the centre of the table.

Once you lose all five, the next attack will be fatal.

The only goal is to survive and escape the scenario you are in.

Think of it as a particularly tongue in cheek horror film.

Vivid descriptions are key, whereas maps and miniatures are discouraged.

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Do not allow the players a huge amount of time to think or plan. Flip a coin for the left or right column then roll a d6 to decide the nightmare that awaits your players!

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