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It’s hard to get people to care about this issue in more than a cursory way, in part because sex workers are still treated like they’re not worthy of full human rights and in part because the public has become somewhat blase about HIV in general. The fact that there is a drug cocktail that is effective in allowing people who would have perished in short order back in the day to live long, productive lives has put the public in a place where they forget how deadly AIDS really is. If you believe, as I do, that sex workers are full human beings deserving of the same consideration as everyone else, this is nothing to be blase about. The basic theme is that California OSHA already has regulations that should require universal condom use in porn (basically the same ones that require nurses to wear gloves), and the straight porn industry aggressively flouts the law. But as this recent example shows, you can take a test, get infected, and expose dozens of people before your next test.There is more than a little wishful thinking going on here.Lindsay explains a few reasons why this can’t be true.I’ll add that if gay porn can go 100% condom without this complaint, something is up.But what really struck me about this claim was that it immediately put me in mind of another urban legend that people rely on to avoid basic safety measures.

Short answer: No, and in fact the evidence proves the opposite of Hartley’s claim. Even though gay actors work the same kind of hours that straight actors do – and are probably doing more anal per hour, frankly – they somehow magically manage to use condoms.This myth is 100% bullshit, as traffic fatalities have been in a freefall since seat belts became mandatory and cars even started to beep at you if you don’t use them.The myth is a purely self-serving one that allows the person spouting it to feel like they’re smarter and more in control than they are, while also validating the bad behavior they wish to engage in.And why is the right to work someone’s body until they’re raw and bleeding sacrosanct?Maybe OSHA needs to monitor porn sets for overtime abuses, too.

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But it’s not just porn actors who have that amount of sex in any given day.

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