Ryan phillippe and alexis knapp dating

Alexis and Ryan are connected by their daughter, a two-year-old gift from the heavens named Kai. Hollywood's freshest couple — are connected by, well, whatever happens in the privacy of their bedroom is business. After sneaking away with Ashley after a night at the club, Ryan was caught with another lovely lady in his car. Maybe these two were just having a parental dinner meeting? Well, we do hope he at least checked in with the We're going to riddle you this one!Either way, we just learned the former Oscars host and the 24-year-old beauty recently became intimately involved!!! So, Ryan Philllippe's ex Alexis Knapp got knocked up with a baby.“He doesn’t want to distract from Ted,” the source explained of the first-time filmmaker.“This [movie] is his baby.” (When reached for comment, a rep for Mac Farlane insisted to Us that he and Knapp are not dating.) Still, inside their circle of friends, their status as a former item is an open secret.I don’t know whether to feel sorry for this woman or to mock her. You’ve probably long forgotten about a young actress named Alexis Knapp, just 22.

She got played, and now she’s letting the whole world know about it.

Any 'source' claiming to have been her or her camp up to this point is false.

She continues to appreciate the love and support of her family and friends." has been canceled by ABC!

More than one source has thrown around the phrase "gold digger," but this afternoon, Alexis wants to set the record straight.

According to the model's rep, Alexis "has never asked Ryan for any help, nor does she expect it." The rep added: "Alexis has maintained her silence and will continue to do so.

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