Ruger 10 22 rifle serial number dating

The stock has the usual assorted dents and dings, and a repair at the front close to the bayonet lug.The interesting thing about this rifle is that the stock is marked with a boxed "OGEK" stamp.In any case it is an interesting story but not one that we can verify or have any proof of.You will have to be the judge as to the authenticity of the stock marking.If you see a firearm that you want, let us know and we will hold it for you.Firearms manufactured after 1898 can only be shipped to someone with a Federal Firearms License (FFL).This gun is in near new condition (as made by TNW using WW2 German parts) showing almost no signs of firing, and having about 98-99% of the dark gray phosphate type finish.It comes with the folding bipod used by ground troops, standard folding front and rear sights, with a base for a ring type anti-aircraft sight (not included).

We have heard of a very few examples, possibly not enough to give credence to it being a counterfeit stamp and garage production - as there would be more of them in existence.

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SMOF6935 - MYSTERY "OGEK" (ELMER KEITH) STAMPED JAPANESE TYPE 38 "ARISAKA" 6.5 X 50MM RIFLE MADE AT KOISHIKAWA WITH INTACT MUM, CLEANING ROD AND DUST COVER - Serial number 1861350, made at Koishikawa (Tokyo) Arsenal, which made all the Type 38 rifles and carbines from their adoption in 1906 until 1929.

During that period serial numbers ran sequentially from 1 up into the 2 million range, without a "series" symbols, which began in 1933.

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